Variety of Storage Supplies at The Best Shop in Texas

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Whether you have a big family or want to be prepared for emergencies, buying storage supplies is a great way to save space, time, and money. Buy your food in bulk, and never worry about running short or not having enough space to store it.

Fix & Feed provides the best quality and variety of food storage supplies in Texas. We are located in Commerce, Sulphur Springs, Bonham, and Quinlan. We have everything you need, including other household items, hardware, and materials.


Fix & Feed is Your One-Stop-Shop

You’ll never have to visit different stores; Fix & Feed is your one-stop-shop. Some of the food storage supplies you’ll find, along with other practical items are:

  • Bags and wraps
  • Beverage containers
  • Vacuum bottles 
  • Spice racks
  • Refrigerator storage trays
  • Food containers
  • Filtration pitcher and bottles
  • Food jars
  • Compost crock

Our high-quality products will maintain your food fresh and allow you to save more space, without worrying about damages. We also have many other products and items for your house. There’s a space for every member of your family at our shops. 

Why Fix & Feed

Among the things that set us apart from our competitors are:

Competitive Prices & Quality

You’ll find the best prices in Texas without compromising the quality of what you’re buying.

Personable & Knowledgeable Staff

Our team is well prepared, and up to date with all the products we provide to ensure your shopping experience is easy and stress-free.

Accessible Locations

Forget about making multiple trips or visiting different stores; we have a large selection of food storage supplies at all four locations. You can visit us at: 

Commerce Hardware

Sulphur Springs Hardware

Bonham Hardware

Quinlan Hardware

Look no further than Fix & Feed; we invite you to look at our inventory before your visit, our team can help you save the items you need for when you come to the store.

Helpful friendly employees always there to help. So far, if they haven’t had in stock what we’ve needed, they’ve ordered it for us. ? ?

Mona Clements