3 Areas in Your Home You Can Easily Waterproof


Moisture can significantly threaten your home’s longevity by leading to mold growth and ruining foundations, cement, masonry, and more. Though more commonly an issue in basements in crawl spaces, mold can also occur above ground through roof and gutter leaks. For this reason, waterproofing your home is one of the best ways to protect your home and seal out moisture.

If you’re looking for a great DIY project to help give your home good maintenance, here are three areas you can waterproof easily.

Basement Floor

Basements are located below ground and surrounded by soil, making them the area of a home with the highest risk of moisture and water damage. The soil releases water that can emerge into your basement through cracks or leaks in your floor. In addition to leading to mold, a wet basement can also create the perfect environment for rot to build and affect your home’s indoor air quality.

Waterproofing your basement floor can give it the added level of protection it needs to prevent water from passing through. 

Concrete Floors

While water is when creating concrete floors, an excess amount of water can weaken them and eventually destroy them. Waterproofing any concrete floors will allow them to stay strong and with a fresh appearance for much longer. Additionally, waterproofing concrete prevents mold and mildew from forming guaranteeing structural integrity. Finally, a waterproofed concrete floor is easier to clean and maintain.

Wooden Deck

A wooden deck that’s not properly waterproofed will need restoration or even replacement due to the constant damage caused by water. Avoid water stains, soft spots, cracking, and peeling by waterproofing your deck with a quality waterproof sealer. 

We Have the Tools for All Your DIY Projects

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