Get Your Home Ready for Winter with These Two Projects

Now that Christmas is approaching, it’s time to begin thinking about winter preparations and making your home ready to celebrate. Of course, you want to ensure everything is in good order so that your holidays can be as happy and stress-free as possible.

This blog post provides two project suggestions to prepare your home for the season. Keep reading to learn more!

Get Your Home Ready for Winter with These Two Projects

Projects To Keep Your House Warm This Winter

You can prepare your house for winter weather in several ways: 

Outdoor Plumbing

It’s important to take preventative measures before winter, so your pipes don’t freeze and burst. If you have any hoses attached to outdoor faucets, disconnect them and store them away. For the faucets themselves, if there is an interior shut-off valve, close the valve, then turn on the faucet to allow water to drain from the pipes.

If there is no separate shut-off valve, cover spigots with faucet protectors, insulating them against cold weather conditions. Plug up holes around the faucet with natural fiber insulation material so cold air can’t enter.


Now that winter is coming. It’s time to fix any areas on your roof that could worsen in the snow and ice. One issue you can address is full gutters that prevent water from running off or draining through downspouts. A common solution is installing heat tape along the gutter to keep ice and snow from accumulating and causing overflows that lead to leaks.

Furthermore, you’ll want to guarantee that your roof can withstand the weight of heavy snow or ice by ensuring it is sturdy and in good condition. Make sure to check for any missing shingles or holes that need fixing up.

For more information on products that will help you, visit a local hardware store with its wide selection of home improvement solutions.

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