How To Keep Your Livestock Warm During Winter

As winter sets in, maintaining a good temperature for your livestock is an absolute must. Not only does cold weather harm the health and productivity of animals, but it also strains finances as owners need to purchase additional feed, supplements, and resources to keep them comfortable. 

With the right preparation, however, you can protect your livestock from those harsh winter winds and ensure they stay warm all season long. In this blog, we’ll give you expert advice on keeping your livestock warm during these hard and cold days.

Using De-Icers 101

Essential Items To Keep Your Livestock Protected This Winter

Your cattle, horses, and chicks must stay in optimal winter conditions. This can have a harsh impact on their health and environment. Here are 2 essential items you should add to your shopping list to help them get through this chilly season.

Livestock Heaters and Heat Lamps:

One of the best ways to protect your animals from cold weather is with livestock heaters or heat lamps. These heaters create a warm, protective bubble around individual animals or provide additional warmth in larger barns or coops. Many models allow you to adjust temperatures, making it easy to find the perfect warmth to keep your animals comfortable.

Water De-Icers:

Pouring hot water over frozen livestock water containers can be time-consuming, especially in large flocks or herds. Stock Tank De-Icers are durable and safe devices that provide heat with electrical energy, ensuring unfrozen water for your livestock all winter.

Keep Your Animals Protected

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