How To Properly Deal With Hoarder Clean Up

Hoarding is a condition that affects millions of people across the globe. Contrary to popular belief, hoarders are not lazy or dirty people. Most hoarders take great care in keeping their living space clean and organized. However, due to their condition, they tend to accumulate excessive items, which often causes significant clutter. 


If you work for a cleaning company and are called in to help someone dealing with hoarding behavior, you should know a few things before you begin your work. Also, we’ll give you a great recommendation regarding heavy-duty trash bags that won’t tear and make the mess even worse.


Tips For Cleaning Up A Hoarder’s House


Be understanding and respectful

The first step in cleaning up a hoarder’s house is understanding and respecting the individual’s situation. It’s important to remember that hoarding is a mental condition, and those who suffer from it often have difficulty letting go of things. 


Work with the individual, not against them

If possible, try to work with the individual rather than against them. This means being patient and taking the time to sort through things with them. While it may be tempting to just throw everything away, this will likely only make the situation worse. 


Be prepared for anything

When cleaning up a hoarder’s house, it’s important to be prepared for anything. This means having all the necessary supplies, including heavy-duty trash bags, gloves, and masks. It’s also a good idea to plan where things will go once they’re removed from the home. 


Steps for cleaning a hoarder’s house

1) Clear out the trash:  The first step in cleaning up a hoarder’s house is to clear out all the trash. This can be daunting, but it’s important to get rid of anything that’s broken or no longer needed.


2) Clean and sanitize the area:  Once the trash has been removed, it’s time to focus on cleaning and sanitizing the area. This is especially important in a hoarder’s house because there may be hidden health hazards.


3) Organize and declutter: The final step is to help the individual organize and declutter their living space. This can be done by sorting through things with them and helping them get rid of anything they don’t need.


4) Deodorize: An important part of cleaning up a hoarder’s house is deodorizing the area. This will help remove any lingering smells and make the space more livable.


Items You’ll Need For Junk Removal & Hoarder Decluttering


1) Heavy-duty trash bags: When cleaning up a hoarder’s house, it’s important to have heavy-duty trash bags on hand. These will help remove any large or bulky items.


2) Gloves: Gloves are essential for protecting your hands while cleaning up a hoarder’s house.


3) Masks: Masks are important for protecting your lungs from any dust or debris that may be present.


4) Deodorizer: A good deodorizer will help remove any lingering smells from the hoarder’s house.


5) Cleaning supplies: You’ll also need cleaning supplies, such as garbage bags, gloves, and masks.


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