Sinking Or Floating De-Icers? Choose The Best One

As any farmer knows, snow and ice can throw operations into disarray. With constantly changing temperatures, it’s important to have an efficient way of dealing with these elements that won’t damage your equipment or produce. Fortunately, plenty of great products are on the market today that can keep your farm running smoothly all year long.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why having a good Water De-Icer is essential and which will provide the best results: sinking or floating. Keep reading to learn how using the right product can ensure uninterrupted access during temperature drops.

How To Keep Livestock Water From Freezing

Choosing The Best Water Tank De-Icers

Here are some factors you must take into account when choosing a Water De-Icer for your pond or tank:

  • Wattage: When it comes to a de-icer, wattage determines the electrical flow and efficiency. The more watts your unit has, the quicker it will heat up water while using less power. 
  • Choosing The Right Style: With a variety of options available, you can choose from de-icers that sink to the bottom of your tank, models that sit in your drain plug, or even those designed to float.
  • The Cords: To prolong the life of your cords, search for ones with protective measures. Anti-rub cords typically have a resilient plastic covering around them to prevent wear and tear due to rubbing and fraying. To stop livestock from chewing on the cables, opt for anti-chew wires that are covered in metal coating as an effective deterrent.

About Sinking De-Icers

Sinking de-icers are designed to be placed at the bottom of the pond or tank and create a vortex action that helps circulate warm water throughout. They come with various wattage levels, so you can choose one that suits your needs.

Sinking de-icers are more energy efficient than floating models, as they don’t require the heater to be constantly running to stay afloat. They also tend to last longer, as the unit’s housing is not exposed to air and may become corroded over time.

About Floating De-Icers

Floating de-icers are designed to float on the water’s surface and heat it directly. They come in various wattages, so you can choose one that suits your needs. Floating de-icers tend to be more affordable than sinking models. However, they may not last as long because the housing is exposed to air and may rust over time.

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