3 Ways to Maximize the Life of Your Garden Hose

3 Ways to Maximize the Life of Your Garden Hose

Isn’t it extremely annoying when you pull out your garden hose and it’s cracked, sealed off, or not functioning properly? When this happens, you can’t move much because water will stop coming out or the connection will break. Has this already happened more than once? You’re probably doing things that shorten the life of your hose.

To avoid the headache of replacing your garden hose every couple of seasons, in this blog, we’ve gathered expert tips to care for your garden hose and find the best garden hose.

3 Ways to Maximize the Life of Your Garden Hose | Fix & Feed

Turn Off the Water After Each Use

To extend the life of your garden hose, simply turn off the water source at the fixture when you’re finished with it. With a continuous flow, high pressure builds up, which can lead to leaking or even bursting hoses. This basic yet powerful action will ensure that its lifespan is extended significantly each time you use your garden hose.

Use a Hose Reel

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your garden hose in a messy pile – it inevitably leads to damage. The repeated bending will cause breaks, splits, and cracks over time, so take the extra few minutes to wind up the hose correctly. To save yourself from this hassle in the future, use a sturdy hose reel and coil up your tubing carefully after each gardening session.

Avoid Dragging the Hose

Don’t be tempted to drag your garden hose across the yard by its nozzle, as this can result in leaks in and around attachments. Not only will it form a weak seal over time, but continuing with this behavior could cause severe damage to your hose. Instead of tugging on the nozzle, try using a reel or pulling directly from the hose.

Drain the Hose for Storage

As the days get shorter and cooler, it’s time to tidy up your garden for autumn. Don’t forget to drain your hose before storing it away in a garage or basement! If you neglect this step, water freezing inside the hose is dangerous and can cause irreversible damage like splitting, cracking, or forming holes. Taking proper care of it now will help ensure you get years of use out of its life.

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