5 Types Of Welding Helmets

5 Types Of Welding Helmets You Must know

It’s always important to stay completely safe while working on a project. Welding helmets protect the welder’s eyes from sparks and debris and help keep the welder’s face cool. There are a variety of welding helmets available on the market, and it is important to choose one that meets the welder’s needs.


Some welders prefer helmets with a large viewing area, while others prefer helmets with a more compact design. It is also important to choose a welding helmet that is comfortable to wear. In this blog, we’ll discuss the types of helmets and how each protects you. Read before leaving towards the hardware store.


Check Out These Types Of Helmets


Passive Welding Helmets  

These have a filter that is placed in front of the lens. The filter blocks out the harmful rays of the welding arc. Active welding helmets have a battery-powered lens that darkens when exposed to the welding arc.


Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets

These are the most popular type of welding helmets. They provide the welder with constant protection from the harmful rays of the welding arc. The lens on an auto-darkening welding helmet darkens automatically when exposed to the welding arc.


Fixed Shade Welding Helmets 

These have a fixed shade lens that cannot be changed. The welder must manually change the shade of the lens to protect their eyes from the welding arc. If you only intend to work on one project that uses just one type of material, the fixed-shade lens will be ideal. There will be no need to change the lens as a consequence. This helmet will also be appropriate for DIY enthusiasts who aren’t skilled welders but want the option to do it themselves.


The Solar-Powered Lens Helmet

This is an auto-darkening helmet that uses solar power to darken the lens. Solar power is used to charge a battery, which powers the LCD. Solar-powered helmets are a good option for people interested in saving money. Because the battery pack does little labor, solar-powered helmets may be less expensive than other types of bike helmets. This helmet also automatically shuts off the lens when not in use. 


The Battery-Powered Lens Helmet 

This auto-darkening welding helmet uses a battery to darken the lens. The battery is usually placed in the welding helmet and powers the LCD. Battery-powered helmets are a good option for people who want to weld for long periods of time. 


The battery in this helmet will last for a set number of hours, and it will need to be replaced after that. Solar-powered helmets are a good alternative for people who want to save money.


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