A Simple Guide To DIY Your Picnic Table

A Simple Guide To DIY Your Picnic Table

If you’re looking for a summer project, why not build your picnic table? It’s a fun DIY project that you can complete using the correct tools and materials in just a few hours. A patio table will give you a place to eat outdoors and entertain guests. 


In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of building a picnic table from scratch. You’ll evaluate if this is a great idea for you to spend your summer on. Let’s take a look at the steps.


Gather Up Your Tools & Materials!

Here’s the equipment that you’ll need to buy before beginning your project:

  • Electric miter saw
  • Speed Square
  • Paintbrush
  • Drill
  • Set of drill bits
  • Tape measure
  • Wrench set


Now, a list of materials to begin your project:

  • 2 6-foot-long 2×4, pressure-treated
  • 9 6-foot-long 2×6, pressure-treated
  • 4 5- or 6-foot-long 2×8, pressure-treated
  • Copper-based wood preservative
  • 3 1/2-inch carriage bolts with washers and nuts
  • 2 1/4-inch exterior grade screws

Build A Picnic Table In 9 Steps

  1. Purchase the necessary materials from a home improvement or hardware store.
  2. Locate and mark the location where you will build your picnic table.
  3. Layout all of your materials on the work surface in front of you.
  4. Assemble a basic rectangular frame by joining four legs, two aprons, and two top rails together with screws or nails.
  5. Add cross supports to the frame for additional stability.
  6. Cut the tabletop boards to size and screw them into place.
  7. Trim any excess material from the tabletop and sand down any sharp edges.
  8. Finish the table by staining or painting it to your liking. 
  9. Add any accessories, such as umbrella holders or benches, to complete your picnic table.


Prepare Your Picnic Days With Your Home Improvement Store

Building a picnic table is a great project for beginners and experienced DIYers. However, it can be a real hassle, especially with hot weather where all you want to do is sit down and drink some cold lemonade. Instead of starting the project yourself, you can visit Fix & Feed and purchase Outdoor Essentials: Treated Picnic Table. 


Made from high-quality wood, this patio table is 6 feet long and comfortable enough for you to enjoy your days outside. Leave the DIY for another occasion, and buy your picnic table at Fix & Feed home improvement store.