Build Your Own Playground With The Right Equipment & Accesories

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Although numerous organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA) urge parents to cut the hours their kids are allowed to use electronic devices, in reality, it’s tough, especially when there isn’t anything more attractive and entertaining.

Having a playground in your backyard can be the perfect solution for changing your children’s sedentary lifestyle and enjoying quality time as a family. You’ll all have hours of fun with your playground!

It’s time to ditch the electronic devices. Fix & Feed provides top quality playground equipment and accessories at low prices in Texas. Whether it’s your first time acquiring a playground or you are trying to restore your children’s playground, at Fix & Feed’ stores, you’ll find all the playground accessories you may need. 

We are located in Commerce, Quinlan, Sulphur Springs, and Bonham, TX. See more information about our location here. 

Why Visit Fix & Feed?

We are a one-stop hardware store in Texas, with everything you need to improve your home, including playground equipment and accessories. Fix & Feed manages a large inventory of numerous items and playground accessories, to ensure our clients always have access to improving their equipment or finding replacements. 

Add-ons for your kids’ playground equipment

Creativity in the playground area is the best strategy to ensure your kids enjoy staying outside instead of being in front of a tablet. Upgrade your kids’ playground equipment to add valuable accessories so the fun never stops. Some of the star accessories kids love are:

  • Gym Rings
  • Steering wheel
  • Climbing rope for up to 150lb load capacity
  • Climbing rock kits
  • Discovery telescope
  • A variety of swing seats
  • And more

Our Staff Is Always Willing To Help

Don’t stress if you can’t decide which equipment or playground accessories are best for your child’s age. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and advise you on what is best for your needs.

Although all the equipment we sell comes with easy setup and building instructions, we can assist and explain the process to make it more simple. 

Start Spending More Outdoor Time With Your Kids

Spend more time with your kids; the whole family will have so much fun with a new playground. Visit your closest Fix & Feed store and take advantage of the best equipment and playground accessories for sale in Texas.