High Quality and Affordable Farm Equipment in Texas

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Farm life is hard; however, when you have high-quality farm equipment, all tasks are more manageable. If you’re looking for the best and affordable farm equipment in Texas, you are in the right place!

Fix & Feed offers the best quality and competitive prices in Texas; we have all you need in farm equipment for sale. We are located in Commerce, Sulphur Springs, Bohan, and Quinlan. Check the availability of the products we offer or come directly to one of our shops. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find and recommend what is appropriate according to your needs. 


Reliable Equipment That Does Any Job Easier

We distribute the best brands in quality and reliable farm equipment in Texas, make your farm life more comfortable with our help. Some of the equipment you can find at Fix & Feed is:

  • Agricultural sprayers
  • AG sprayer harness wiring
  • AG sprayer accessories
  • AG fluid poli IP fittings
  • AG sprayer nozzle bodies
  • AG sprayer guns
  • AG fluid hose fittings
  • AG fluid cam lock couplings
  • AG fluid shut off valves
  • AG sprayer pumps
  • AG sprayer pressure gauges
  • AG sprayer book accessories
  • AG sprayer insert fittings
  • AG sprayer spray tips
  • AG fluid tank fittings
  • AG fluid combination nipples
  • AG fluid strainers
  • Hydraulics implement accessories
  • Farm duty electric motors

Buy With Confidence at Fix & Feed

When you purchase our farm equipment for sale in Texas, you get high-quality products and equipment that will last for years. We always have parts in stock. We take pride in being the number one hardware and farm equipment store in Texas. Some of the reasons why we have been so successful are:

Customer Focused Service

Our customers are our priority. Your business is genuinely appreciated, and our team will go above and beyond to help you during your visit.

Durable and High-Quality Products

We make every effort to provide durable and high-quality products and always to keep them in stock. 


We are at your reach in our four convenient locations. We can also arrange to send items from one store to another when there’s no availability in the farm product you’re needing. 

Contact us if you wish to check availability and visit us and experience a touch of Texan kindness!

Helpful friendly employees always there to help. So far, if they haven’t had in stock what we’ve needed, they’ve ordered it for us. ? ?

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