Frozen Pipe Prevention 101

If you have ever lived in a cold climate, you know the anxiety of winter when temperatures regularly dip below freezing. One fear during this time is whether or not your pipes will freeze. We all know that frozen pipes can be a real headache. These can bring multiple long-term issues to your home if one breaks or tear, making you spend extra cash.

If you want to winterize your home and prevent your pipes from freezing, this blog is for you! We’ll give you different tips to avoid Jack Frost from messing with your pipes this winter.

Frozen Pipes: The Main Causes & How to Prevent Them

Tip #1- Check Problem Areas

The most at-risk pipes for freezing are those located against exterior walls without insulation or poor insulation and in unheated home areas, such as basements, crawl spaces, attics, and garages. Inspect both hot and cold water pipes in these locations to ensure they have enough insulation.

Tip #2- Let Warm Air Circulate

To prevent your pipes from freezing, keep doors open to cabinets where the plumbing is located. This will allow warm air to circulate the pipes. You may also want to let the faucet drip slightly, keeping water moving in the pipes and preventing them from freezing.

Tip #3- Use House Pipe Insulation

Wrap pipes in the attic and outside wall with pipe insulation. Pipe sleeves or heat tape kits are inexpensive ways to prevent your pipes from freezing, especially when using a small space heater. Take care not to cover all the vents on the space heater so it doesn’t overheat.

Tip #4- Keep the Thermostat Warm

Keep your home warm when you’re away. Not only will this prevent pipes from freezing, but it will also keep your heating bill lower than if you keep things at a low temperature all day.

Following these tips, you can avoid frozen pipes and winter’s big headache!

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