How To Correctly Drill Into A Brick: Avoid Damaging Your Walls!

Bricks have been used for years to construct big or small structures. Bricks are the foundation of any good building project. Brick drilling is necessary when hanging artwork, mirrors, lightweight shelves, outdoor outlets, or light fixtures.


If you’re planning on enhancing your brick walls with some new furniture or decorations, then continue reading. In this blog, we’ll talk about brick drilling. We’ll explain how to do it properly and what to consider before and after you do it.


Drill Directly Into The Brick Or The Mortar?

Mortar’s softness does make it easier to drill into. Plus, patches to mortar are less noticeable than patches to brick. But mortar is also weaker than brick, so a heavy shelf or cabinet might pull out of the mortar more easily. The best thing to do is to drill both into the mortar and the brick beneath it. This gives you the strongest possible hold.


Instructions For Brick Drilling


Adjust The Drill Bit

For the actual drilling, you’ll need a masonry drill bit. These are available at any hardware store. Be sure to adjust the drill bit size according to the screws or anchors you’re using. If the hole is too small, the screw won’t fit. If it’s too large, the screw will be loose and could fall out.


Wet The Brick

Before drilling, wet the brick with a spray bottle of water. This will prevent the brick from cracking. Placing tape over the area where you’ll be drilling is also helpful. This helps you mark the exact drilling spot.


Drill Into The Brick

Now you’re ready to start drilling. Put on safety gear before you begin. Start by holding the drill perpendicular to the brick surface and pressing the trigger. Apply steady pressure as you drill into the brick. Keep the drill lubricated with water to prevent overheating. 


Once the drill has made it through the brick, insert the screw or anchor. If you’re using a wall plug, insert it into the drilled hole and then screw in the screw. For an anchor, insert it into the hole and tap it gently with a hammer drill until it’s flush with the surface of the brick.


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