Install Heat Tapes On Your Pipes In Only 4 Steps

Winter is on its way, and frozen pipes are the last thing you want. Homeowners and contractors everywhere must take proactive steps to prepare for the winter months, including installing heat tape to keep water lines from freezing. 

Heat tape for pipe insulation can help protect your home’s plumbing systems and minimize potential damage due to weather-related closures of water lines during extreme cold spells – a critical issue that no one should overlook. In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need about heat tape installation, so let’s get started!

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Step 1- Clean The Pipe:

Before installing the heat tape, clean and dry the pipe to ensure maximum effectiveness. Cleaning any insulation, cobwebs, and dirt is essential before continuing. Not doing so could result in a fire once the heat is turned on.

Step 2- Wrap The Tape:

While many brands of heat tape can wrap around the pipe, others require electrical tape for attachment. Cross the heat tape over itself when wrapping to avoid producing an area of excessively high heat.

Step 3- Insulate The Pipe:

Wrap the tape around the pipe and then cover it with foam pipe insulation. Doing this will prevent heat from escaping and conserve energy. If the pipes are located outside or damp, wrap them with waterproof insulation to protect them further.

Step 4- Plug In The Tape

Make sure you have enough slack on the end of the tape to reach a GFCI outlet without requiring an extension cord. If the current length of tape isn’t long enough to cover your entire pipe, try connecting another length to it until you have sufficient coverage. The thermostat will automatically turn on the heat when needed by monitoring the temperature of the pipe via the plugged-in tape.

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