Tips to Keep Ticks Away From Your House

6 Tips to Keep Ticks Away From Your House

Has it ever happened that you’re brushing your fingers through your pet’s fur and suddenly feel a small bump? You take a closer look, and there it is! A disgusting creature is feeding from your furry friend’s blood. What we just described is every pet owner’s nightmare: ticks.


Ticks can not jump or fly, but they find the way to get to surfaces in contact with people and attach to them and feed several hours on blood. A tick bite is painless but may cause dangerous diseases, like Lyme disease.


As a pet owner, you must learn how to deal with ticks effectively and keep them away from your pet and home. Here’s how to avoid ticks attacking your home and family to transmit diseases.


Stay Tick-Free With These 6 Tips


Vacuum Regularly:

Ticks usually hide in cracks and crevices, so it’s important to vacuum frequently, especially if you have hardwood floors or live in an area with many trees. Be sure to get under furniture and in other dark spaces where ticks might hide.


Use A Chamomile & Lime Infusion:

Ticks are scared off by the scent of chamomile. This is because the plant gives off a strong scent that irritates the tick’s senses. You can make a chamomile infusion by boiling water and adding dried chamomile flowers. Let the mixture steep for 10 minutes before adding a few drops of lime essential oil. This will help to keep your home tick-free.


Wash bedding & linens regularly:

Ticks can also attach themselves to your bedding and clothing, so washing these items regularly in hot water is crucial. This will kill any ticks that might be hiding in your fabrics. Experts recommend doing this at least once a week is ideal, according to experts.


Use tick shampoo on your pet:

Your pets are ultimate tick carriers. Dogs and cats can bring ticks into the house without you even realizing it. Be sure to use a tick shampoo on your pets regularly, especially if they go outside often. You can also ask your vet for tick prevention medication that can be applied to their skin monthly.


Keep grass & bushes trimmed:

These little bugs love to hide in tall grasses and bushes, so it’s important to keep your yard trimmed. This makes it harder for them to attach to you or your pet as you walk by. Make sure to check your clothes and shoes after being outside. Ticks are experts on crawling in without you feeling it.


Use A Tick Killer:

If you’re serious about getting rid of ticks, you can always use a pest killer. Many products on the market will help keep ticks away from your home. Follow the instructions carefully and remember to only use safe products for pets and children.


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