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Do you need wood for a home renovation, a DIY project, or your next construction project? Fix & Feed can help. At our Commerce, Texas Fix & Feed store, we have the lumber you need for projects of all kinds. 

Don’t wait another day to get what you need, and come on down today to fix that problem of yours! Our staff is trained, kind, experienced and provides top-tier service with 100% customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us 

When it comes to buying lumber, not all stores are created equal. Not only is the name of the game about who can offer the lowest prices, but more importantly, about the quality of materials you’re buying for your project.

When you purchase wood in our lumber store in Commerce, TX, that’s exactly what you get: high-quality wood that has been properly dried and aged to be ready for use in your next construction project. 

Many people assume that finding good quality wood just means getting low prices on materials, but when it comes down to it, paying a little bit extra for high-quality material will save you money in the long run by increasing stability and preventing future structural damage or breakage.

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Discover The Fix & Feed Difference

At Fix & Feed, not only will you be getting high-quality lumber materials for your next project. From the second you walk through our doors, our staff will be ready to greet you and work with you tirelessly to ensure you get everything you need to make your job successful. 

Whether you require lumber for your DIY project, a home renovation, a backyard remodel, or anything else, you can count on us to find it for you – and if we don’t have it – we’ll manage to get our hands on it. 

As a trusted local lumber store, we know the importance of giving customers the best quality products possible and providing them with worry-free shopping experiences. 

Good quality, well-seasoned wood is essential for strong, long-lasting structures that stand the test of time and won’t warp or crack as they dry out. Visit us in Commerce, TX, for the best quality products and an experience you won’t forget.

Client Testimonials

I love Fix n Feed! They have everything! I almost always find what I need but if they don’t have it they will order it for me. The employees are always friendly and I appreciate that. Sometimes I go there just to look around.

Carol Lindsey

Client Testimonials

The store carries a good bit of variety for a small town store. Everytime I've visited, there has been help available to answer questions. The prices are fair for the convenience of getting it same day vs Amazon where you have to wait a few days. They are paying people to help you and answer questions, so that must be factored into their prices. It's a nice store with the "hometown" feel.

Jason Martin

Client Testimonials

Surprisingly competitive with the national big box chains as far as pricing is concerned. They have almost everything we've needed since we moved to the area, which saves us a half hour (or longer) drive to a big box home improvement store. I like that they load feed, quickrete, and other heavy things so I don't have to struggle with them. They sell fudge, and it is excellent (especially the snickers kind).

Cinthya Smith

Client Testimonials

We needed tires for our travel trailer. We are headed to Alabama from Oklahoma. We had a blow out earlier today. Two young men from your store sold us 4 tires and a jack, then proceeded to spend an hour, or more changing them for us! What wonderful men you have working there. I wish I could give them a raise, they deserve it. Thank you for your help Travis and the young man with the longer hair (wish I remembered your name, sorry!)

Dale Tompkins

Client Testimonials

About the only place left that I know of that you can get individual fasteners for whatever job you have to do the floor people are sometimes hard to get ahold of to get what you need if you're unable to find it yourself.

Ted Brookshire