The Dos and Don’ts Of Ice Melt

The Dos and Don’ts Of Ice Melt

According to loss analysis by EMC, the average cost of a single slip and fall incident is more than $12,000! The winter months tend to be when these accidents are most likely to occur. Thankfully there’s an inexpensive solution – ice melt salt! But before you spread it all over your walkways and lot areas, make sure that you read through this guide with key dos and don’ts.

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  1. Do follow directions – Make sure to read the instructions on your ice melt bag and use it according to manufacturer recommendations.

  1. Do apply ice melt at the right time – Ice melts are most effective when applied before a storm starts, not after snow or ice has already started accumulating on your walkways and parking lots. 

  1. Do use the right kind of ice melt – Different types of ice melts are available, and some work better in certain conditions than others. Make sure to choose an ice melt suitable for your temperatures, humidity levels, and other environmental factors.


  1. Don’t apply too much ice melt – Overapplication of ice melt can be dangerous and expensive. Read the directions on your bag carefully to determine the right amount for your conditions.

  1. Don’t track ice melt into your facility – To prevent tracking ice melt inside, store it in a well-ventilated area outside, away from doors and entry points. 

  1. Don’t improperly store ice melt – Ice melts are often packaged in large plastic bags that can be vulnerable to weather and other elements. Securely store them in a warm, dry place from direct sunlight.

Following these dos and don’ts for ice melt can help keep your facility safe during winter. Be sure to check your local laws and codes to ensure that you comply with any regulations. And, of course, always have a plan in place for the unexpected – like an emergency response team or salt sleds on hand, just in case! 

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