Understanding the Role of Mulch in Landscaping

Understanding the Role of Mulch in Landscaping

Mulch is an essential element in any residential or commercial garden. It’s necessary to sustain healthy soil, retain moisture and help create aesthetically pleasing landscapes. Yet, how much do you know about this great landscaping element?

In this post, we’ll explore what mulch is, including types and mulching benefits. Start reading to learn why you should add mulch to your next shopping list for your DIY projects.

Understanding the Role of Mulch in Landscaping | Fix & Feed

What Is Mulch?

Mulch is any material used to cover the soil’s surface, typically in a garden or landscape. Its purpose is to reduce evaporation and erosion and prevent weeds from growing. Additionally, mulch can help create a decorative touch to your outdoor space while improving its overall health.

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

A general rule of thumb is that you need 2 to 3 inches of mulch for your garden area. To accurately determine how much you’ll need, measuring the length and width of the space you want to cover is important. Once that’s done, do some simple math by multiplying the two measurements together, then divide the overall square footage by 9 to get an approximate number of cubic yards needed. Don’t forget that extra inch or two for topping up if necessary. 

Mulching Benefits

When it comes to organic mulch, most people think of the materials used to coat and protect the soil. Compost, peat moss, and bark are top-rated choices for sprucing up your garden bedding with a protective layer.

Organic mulching protects from temperature fluctuations and prevents any nutrient leaching so that you can enjoy all the benefits without worrying about damaging your precious plants.

Types Of Mulch

Organic mulch comes in various forms and is often selected based on the garden’s specific needs. Here are some of the most common types of mulch:

Autumn Red Mulch (2cu.ft.): This mulch gives a bold yet subtle look to your outdoor setting. It’s low-maintenance, which makes it ideal for busy homeowners.

Cedar Mulch (2cu.ft.): Cedar mulch is made from cedar wood or ground bark and offers natural insect repellent benefits due to its unique scent. It’s a popular choice for many gardens because of its attractive color and long-lasting effects.

Pine Bark Mulch (2cu.ft.): Pine bark mulch is one of the most resilient mulches, making it an excellent choice for keeping moisture in and weeds out. Its natural color also provides an attractive finish to any garden or landscape.

Black Mulch (2cu.ft.): Black mulch is a great option for creating a tidy look while also providing insulation against extreme temperatures. It’s known to be low maintenance and can last up to 3 years in most climates.

Shredded Cypress Blend (2cu.ft.): This mulch is made from cypress trees and is known for its natural repelling properties. It is slow to decompose and provides an attractive yet rustic look to any outdoor space.

The Importance Of Mulching Your Landscape

Mulch plays a vital role in maintaining healthy soil and reducing the spread of weeds. Not only does it protect plants from extreme temperatures, but it also helps retain moisture in the soil for longer periods. Mulch also has a natural insulation effect that can help improve the growth of your plants and reduce water loss from the soil.

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