Why Is It So Important To Wear A Welding Helmet?

Are you sure your safety equipment is complete? Welding helmets are an important part of the welding process. They protect your eyes from the intense light created by the welding arc and help shade your face from radiation burns. They help to protect you from sparks and spatter. Yet, what else can they do for you?


In this blog, we’ll go over why we should wear a welding helmet at all times while completing a welding project. It’s your safety at risk here. You certainly don’t want to play with that.


Reasons Why You Must Wear A Welding Helmet While Welding

Your Eyesight Is At Risk

The first and most important reason to wear a welding helmet is to protect your vision. The light produced by the welding arc is incredibly bright and can cause permanent damage to your eyesight. Without a welding helmet, you run the risk of being blinded by the light of the arc.

You Can Get Radiation Burns

Another reason to wear a welding helmet is to protect your skin from radiation burns. The welding arc emits both ultraviolet and infrared radiation, which can cause burns to the skin. Wearing a welding helmet will help shield your face from these harmful rays.


You Can Get Sparks In Your Eyes

Sparks are another hazard of welding. They can fly up into the air and land in your eyes, causing irritation or burns. Wearing a welding helmet will help keep these sparks away from your eyes.

You Can Breathe In Harmful Fumes

You also work with metals that give off fumes when you weld. These fumes can be harmful to your health if you breathe them in. Wearing a welding helmet will help keep these fumes away from your face and lungs.

You Can Get Hit By Flying Debris

Another hazard of welding is flying debris. This can be anything from small pieces of metal to larger pieces of the workpiece itself. Wearing a welding helmet will help to protect you from being hit by flying debris.


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