Why Shouldn’t You Leave Your Faucets Exposed?

Taking care of your faucets may be something you don’t even consider. However, if you have ever been a victim of a broken or leaky faucet, you know how much hassle it can be to fix or replace them. Not only do leaking and broken faucets increase water bills, but they can also create mold damage and lead to costly repairs. 

Thankfully, homeowners can take some preventative measures to ensure their faucets stay in good condition for years to come – all it takes is a little bit of attention and maintenance! In this blog post, we will discuss taking care of your faucets and provide tips on what steps you should take to keep them running smoothly.

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Here Are The Risks:

Increased water bills: Leaky faucets can waste hundreds of gallons of water each month, which increases your monthly water bill. If the leak isn’t caught early, this increased expense could continue for years.

Mold damage: Mold needs three things to grow: moisture, food, and time. And unfortunately, a leaking faucet can provide all three of these things. If your faucets are left exposed and unattended for too long, you could end up with mold growing underneath your sink or in other areas of your home.

Costly repairs: A broken or leaky faucet is often the sign of much larger issues, such as cracked pipes or a faulty valve. If you leave the problem untreated for too long, you could face costly repairs requiring professional help.

How Much Can Fix A Frozen/Broken Pipe Cost?

Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to pay between $50 and $1,500 for repairs. Emergency repairs are never cheap, especially when extensive damage has been done. Always explore your non-emergency repair options first, as they will be more affordable in the long run; however, sometimes emergency repairs are necessary.

How To Protect Your Faucets?

There are a some simple steps that you can take to protect your faucets and prevent issues before they start:

  • Regularly check your faucets for leaks or signs of damage. This includes examining the hose and spraying the nozzle and handles. If you spot any issues, be sure to address them right away.
  • Keep an eye on your water bill each month. If you notice that your bill has increased, it may be a sign of a leak or other issue. This can help catch problems before they become too costly.
  • If your faucet is dripping or leaking, turn the water off immediately and call a professional to assess the situation. Ignoring small leaks can lead to bigger issues down the line, so it’s always best to address them immediately.
  • Use faucet covers! If your area has a strong winter weather, use covers on your outdoor faucets to prevent them from freezing and breaking. 

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