Common Plumbing Problems & Where To Find The Right Supplies

Common Plumbing Problems & Where To Find The Right Supplies


Plumbing problems can easily go unspotted; the downside is that you won’t know what hit you when your water bills arrive; or when your pipes break. You can put a bowl under a leak without issue, but the leak will be in your wallet over time when you have to cover expensive repairs.


As homeowners, knowing how to spot common plumbing problems is a must; learn how to do so and find all the plumbing supplies you’d need in this piece. Keep reading and be prepared beforehand!


3 Common Plumbing Problems & How To Fix Them


Being knowledgeable about your home’s possible issues is essential; get to know 3 of the most common plumbing problems and how to fix them below:


  1. Leaking Pipes: When pipes start to leak, it’s important to find the source as soon as possible. A small drip can waste up to 40 gallons of water a day, and this will add up over time! 


If your pipes are made out of copper, you should consider getting new ones made out of PEX, which is more flexible and reliable.


  1. Clogs: The most common cause of clogs is hair and soap residue, which you can prevent by using a filter. You should also avoid dumping grease down the drain. It hardens over time and creates clogs that are difficult to clear away manually. 


You should look for the right, professional, and recommended chemicals if it’s a major clog.


  1. Corrosion & Rust: When you have pipes made out of copper, they can corrode or rust over time due to the aggressive water and environment where it’s located. 


Copper should be replaced by either PEX if there are no major clogs in your drain system or PVC, which doesn’t need any maintenance whatsoever.


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