Is It Time For A New Battery?

Is It Time For A New Battery?


Car Battery of Energy Power

Most of the time, car battery problems are overlooked. We tend to think that our car shutting off out of nowhere is just a sign you wasted its energy somehow. However, it can mean your battery is starting to die.


That and more situations or “symptoms” can give you hints it’s time to change the battery. But, how can you notice those hints? This piece will focus on helping car owners know when it’s time to change their car battery. Don’t wait until it’s too late; keep reading and be prepared!


The Cons Of A Malfunctioning Car Battery

Having a car battery in bad condition only means negative things; some of those are:


  • Constant Waste Of Money:  If your car battery is constantly failing, you probably spend money calling towed services.


  • Car Damages: Unfortunately, one of the most common problems with older batteries is that they can cause damage to other parts of our cars due to acid leakage over time. 


That leakage causes corrosion of metal components, like terminals and wires; This could eventually lead to having more expenses because replacing those items might cost us some extra bucks.


5 Things That Scream “It’s Time For A Battery Replacement.”


Don’t risk your safety in any way, learn how to spot a failure in your car battery by looking for these signs:


  1. Slow Engine Crack: You may be able to hear a weak, slow cracking when trying to start it; also, if your car is taking too long to startup, it might be time for a new battery.
  2.  Low Battery Fluid Level: Battery fluid is the liquid in your battery; if it starts to go down, you might need a new one. You can check it in the casing’s translucent part of your battery.
  3. Swelling or Bloating Battery Case: If your car battery case looks bloated or swollen, it means there is a problem with it, and it is not working properly. You should replace it before it causes major problems.
  4. Battery Leak: If you can see a leak coming from your battery, that’s another sign that it is not working properly and needs to be replaced. It might also cause corrosion of metal parts in your car, which will require more money in the long run.
  5. Old Age Of Your Battery: If your car battery is old (more than three years), it’s probably time for a new one since the older they are, the more likely you will need another one soon.

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