Pros and Cons of Feeding Deer with Corn

Feeding Deer with Corn: Pros and Cons


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Feeding wild deer by providing them with the right feeding plan can improve Deer’ health and help increase the population; however, careless feeding can kill deer or create management problems. Learn the pros and cons of feeding deer with corn.


As long as deer owners don’t use corn as a deer’s primary food source, the impact will be positive. It can be advantageous as a supplement to complement the right feeding plan.

Corn combined with typical food for deer like leaves, fruits, nuts, and grass can significantly benefit their health.


Using only corn or other fermentable carbohydrates as a primary deer food can be dangerous. Eating a large amount of corn can affect the deer’ digestive process and cause a flush of lactic acid in their stomach. In most severe cases, this leads to the dehydration and death of the deer.

Improper supplemental feeding in deer can cause acidosis. Acidosis occurs when deer get large quantities of carbohydrates that are low in fiber. Since this isn’t commonly found in their diet during winter, their stomach isn’t able to digest the food properly. 

How to use Deer Corn Properly?

A good feeding plan does not consist of just piling corn around the property all year round. Feeding deer properly involves providing deer the best products (natural & supplements), the right amount, and the right time. 

If you are providing deer with protein supplements, corn can make it more attractive to the deer.

Feeding deer properly in spring and summer will lead to a healthy, more robust deer herd come fall hunting season.

Before feeding deer, remember to check the local laws for baiting in your area. Some states prohibit feeding deer before hunting season.

Feeding Deer the Right Way 

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