Supplements for your Cattle

Improve Your Cattle’s Performance With Supplements

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Thousands of cattle producers use supplemental proteins to maximize their livestock’s feed performance. If you are a rancher, you know that forages or rations fall short of the nutrients your cattle needs. Using supplemental proteins is a good feeding practice that promotes cattle’s healthy growth, development, and efficiency.

While providing supplemental proteins for livestock, your cattle will show you the results you are expecting, and you’ll know you’re doing what’s right for your animals and operation.


Why Feed Cattle With Supplements?

Pasture-raised animals like cows usually get the majority of their food from organic grass grown in a pasture. For cattle reared in feedlots, farmers use protein supplements to provide the animals all the nutrients they need. These supplements include grain, soy, and other ingredients that increase the energy density of the feed. 


Is there a specific Season?

Most cattle’s diet consists of at least some forage, including grass, legumes, or hay. In fact, in the U.S, beef cattle tend to be raised on pasture from birth in the Spring until August.

Although annual rangeland grazing can occur throughout the year, forage quality is low during the dry season. Because of this, ranchers use protein supplements to extend the length of the grazing season.

Cattle require the proper balance of water, energy, protein, and minerals to achieve optimal growth and reproduction. However, Cattle’s nutritional needs aren’t constant. They change from month to month as the animals reach different growing stages. They also vary depending on pregnancy and lactation.

For this reason, cattle usually require some form of mineral supplementation during all times of the year. 

Using the right supplement will allow you to provide your cattle with all the nutrients they need during all development stages and production phases.

Choosing the right mineral supplement is key to maintaining healthy animals and optimizing your average daily gain. Here are some of the perks of feeding your cattle with protein supplements:


Perks of Using Protein Supplements 

  • Designed to be easily fed on the ground
  • Feed anytime when additional protein or energy is needed
  • Contains vital nutrients that may be lacking in your cattle’s forage
  • Highly palatable to encourage consumption


Optimize Your Average Daily Gain With NutreBeef 

Feeding your cattle with Nutrebeef will maximize the output and health of your livestock. NutreBeef cattle feed and minerals are expertly formulated to meet your livestock’s nutritional requirements. 

Our supplemental proteins are designed to match the animal’s stage of development and phase of production.


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