The Most Resistant Trash Bags for Heavy Purposes

The Most Resistant Trash Bags for Heavy Purposes


If you manage a junk removal company, own a construction company, or are involved in any other type of business that requires heavy-duty needs, you must get your hands on the most reliable contractor trash bags. 

When you find the most durable contractor garbage bags, you’ll be able to load up and transport heavy waste and debris that regular clean-up bags can’t handle. However, not all contractor trash bags are the same – some withstand waste and debris better than others. Keep reading to find the best contractor trash bags to fit your needs.

The Difference Between Contractor & Regular Trash Bags

Numerous factors make for a reliable contractor trash bag for heavy purposes. Here are two of the top ones that make these different from regular trash bags.

High vs. Low-Density Resin

The strongest contractor trash bags are made up of low-density resins, allowing the bag to be more durable and tough. This offers additional protection when it comes to tearing and punctures.

Regular trash bags are usually high density, making them lightweight and more prone to being easily torn and punctured. These bags are not ideal for heavy-duty purposes a junk removal or construction company would need.


Bag Thickness Makes a Difference

The thickness for any contractor trash bag will be measured in Mil. These can be found ranging from .7 and higher on low-density bags. The lower the mil count, the more lightweight the bag will be. Regular bags are extremely lightweight, which is why they aren’t durable or functional for heavy-duty purposes. 


On the other hand, extra heavy-duty contractor garbage bags range from 2.0 to 2.7 Mil. Due to their thickness, they offer puncture resistance. Furthermore, bags used by construction and landscaping companies range from 3.0 to 6.0 Mil, which provides unparalleled resistance to punctures or tears.

Most Recommended Heavy Duty Contractor Bags

Although there are many trash bags in the market, the most reliable and durable bags are contractor trash bags. These have been carefully designed to withstand the weight and other rigors of construction sites and junk removal. The best option is a 3 Mil, low-density bag.

The 5 Star 3 Mil heavy-duty garbage bags are among the most popular and trusted bags among many companies. They are heavy-duty bags that have ties, 7-bushel capacity, and are 32 by 50 inches. 

Purchase Resistant Trash Bags

At Fix & Feed, we understand that nothing is worse and creates more work than bags that tear and can’t withstand all types of debris. This is why we have the best clean-up bags for sale. To get your hands on the 5 Star 3 Mil heavy-duty garbage bags, visit our store and start working. We guarantee that no other trash bag beats this one.