Why Should I Use Paint Thinner?

Why Should I Use Paint Thinner?


When doing a home painting project by yourself, there are a few tips to know if you’re using oil-based paint. 

Oil-based paint and primers have a broad scope of application which has positioned them as constant favorites through time due to their multiple virtues: long lasting, leave a smooth finish and gloss surface when properly applied, block stains, water-resistant, and also very resistant to scrapes. 

Paint Thinner, Is It Really Necessary?

Paint thinner is, as its self-descriptive name states, a paint viscosity thinner. In other words, it’s a solvent that allows:

  • Improving the paint’s usability with spray applicators. 
  • Expanding square footage coverage, saving you money.
  • Making the mixture easier to apply.
  • Revitalizing older oil-based paint stored. Oil-based paint becomes thick over time, and a thinner is a perfect way to reduce viscosity and use them again. 
  • Cleansing of painting utensils and paint spills. 

Having said this, saying that paint thinner is necessary is an understatement (if you are using oil-based paint). It is essential to address that paint thinners cannot be used with acrylic paint or other water-based paint. 

How To Use Thinner

Each paint can include indications of how much thinner you can add; two thinners cannot be mixed. Remember, each type of paint (oil-based, water-based, etc.) uses a different thinner. 

Applications of thinner do not stop at making the paint more manageable. It is used as an old paint remover as well as degreasing areas or automotive parts. 

Safety And Storage 

Solvents, such as paint thinners, are highly flammable. Thinner containers must be kept in a cool and ventilated area, away from heat and fire and, most importantly, away from children and pets. 

Rags used to clean thinner should be rinsed with water before disposing to the trash; otherwise, it can combust spontaneously due to its high flammability. 

It would be best if you always handled paint thinners in a ventilated area; this will help avoid inhaling thinner. Avoid skin and eye contact.  It’s highly recommended to wear essential safety gear that includes safety lenses, gloves, and a respirator.  

Where To Find Paint Thinner?

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