7 Cleaning Supplies You Must Have at Home

7 Cleaning Supplies You Must Have at Home

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Cleaning is one of the essential tasks for maintaining your home in good condition, reducing allergens, decreasing the chances of mold buildup, and overall making it a welcoming place for you and your family.

For a more efficient cleaning process, there are different tools and supplies you can use. In this article, we have collected seven cleaning supplies you must have at home to ease the process and get better results.

1. Window Scrubbers & Squeegees 

Window scrubbers and squeegees will make a difference when cleaning your windows, especially in larger and high areas. It’s advisable to clean your windows at least once a week, even if they don’t look dirty. With time, water, and dust buildup and create stains that are difficult to remove from the glass.

2. Cloth Cleaners

Cloth cleaners are another item you must have at home. Stop using paper towels for everything; there are different types of cloth cleaners, including microfiber cloths that don’t leave lint behind. Others work for various needs like dusting, wiping the kitchen’s grease, scrubbing tiles, etc. Or even for more delicate surfaces like TV screens.  

3. Toilet Bowl Brushes

Toilet bowl brushes will keep your toilets free of stains and bad odors. Thanks to the grip they have, you’ll be able to clean the toilet without worrying about getting your hands dirty. 

4. Scrub Brushes

Scrub brushes are also a must. You can find different types of brushes, depending on the type of surface. They can be perfect for cleaning concrete stairs, columns, window frames, wood, window and sliding door frames, bathroom tiles, irregular kitchen and bathroom surfaces, baths, countertops, and more.

5. Brooms and Mops

Brooms and mops are always needed, they are still spaces that are better cleaned with them instead of the vacuum cleaner, even if you don’t use them regularly. Examples of floors that are better cleaned with brooms and mops are bathroom and kitchen tile and ceramic floors, and wooden floors.

Depending on the type of surface, you can find dust mops, wet mops, sponges, electrostatics, or microfiber sweeps, especially for wooden surfaces. 

6. Mop Buckets and Wringers

Don’t you hate hand washing the mop? Mop buckets and wringers are the solutions to clean and wring the mop easily. 

7. Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner will make your life easier, not only when it comes to cleaning the floors and carpets, but also for cleaning upholstery and even bed mattresses. 

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