All You Need To Know About Plasma Cutters


People use many types of tools in the welding industry, but none are as important or versatile as plasma cutters. A plasma cutter is a tool that uses electricity to create an ionized gas known as plasma from compressed air and metal rods, which allows them to heat up quickly when combined with oxygen. 

Though construction companies have used them for over 50 years, there’s still so much more potential within this amazing technology that hasn’t yet been explored fully. Continue reading below to learn more about how you can start using one today!

What Is a Plasma Cutter? 

Plasma cutters are machines that use a process known as plasma-arc cutting to slice through metal. When you weld, the result is something that has been melted and fused using heat. 

Plasma-arc cutting uses an electrical arc to melt metals instead of welding them, so it’s much faster than traditional welding techniques. The term “plasma cutter” can be used about any device that utilizes this technique, but most commonly, it refers to handheld options.

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Welders prefer these machines because they are very versatile, and they can cut through a wide range of metal materials. This includes thin slices of stainless steel and other non-conductive metals that would be impossible to work with using traditional welding techniques. 

Plasma cutters offer an advantage over plasma cutting torches because their nozzles don’t need to come into contact with the surface being worked on; instead, it’s held far away from where you’re working, so you can push or pull it along as needed. 

This device can make quick work of sheet metal like aluminum or steel – even titanium! You’ll find this makes clean cuts through all kinds of materials without causing any harm to yourself because no sparks are flying everywhere; instead, an electric arc provides smooth results that will meet every one of your expectations.

You’ll find this gives you much more control than what is possible when holding something in your hand!

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If you want to get started working on your next project but aren’t sure if you’re ready for a full-sized machine, it is the perfect plasma cutter to start with. It’s lightweight and easy to use so that it won’t put too much strain on your wrist or arm as you complete your projects.