Discover High-Quality Deer Food

Discover High-Quality Deer Food 

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If you’re lucky enough to have a majestic and graceful deer as your pet, you may wonder what you should be feeding them and what is available in the market. Deers are one of a kind animals, and whether you’re a wildlife watcher looking to see more deer on your land, or an avid sportsman looking to bring in a trophy, it’s essential to provide them with the right kind of nurture and care, including a healthy diet. 

Deers – One of a Kind 

There’s no doubt; deers are one of a kind animals. It’s not always easy to spot one, and when you do, it may only be for a few quick minutes at the peak of sunrise or in the middle of the road. 

They are known for being calm and gentle animals and are often seen eating plants or leaping through the tall grass. Their fluffy white tails and antlers make them easy to spot. Deers have many unique features making them unique pets; here are some interesting facts about them: 

  • Deers live all over North and South America, mainly in forests and tall prairie grass, depending on where you live, you may even spot one in your backyard. 
  • They are swift runners and use this as a means of protection from predators. 
  • They are excellent swimmers and can swim through streams.
  • They can run up to thirty miles per hour when they are scared or trying to escape.
  • They can jump over thirty feet in the air. 
  • Deers have great hearing senses; they can move their ears and make them face different directions without moving their head. 

Our Favorite Selections of Deer Food 

If your deer health is one of your priorities, Fix & Feed has the right product to make sure you take care of your deer properly and ensure they remain healthy. Here are a few of our many favorite options for deer food.

Record Rack Professional 

Record Rack Professional Deer Food offers many benefits. They have six percent fat levels to help maintain optimal body conditions, contribute to reproductive health, and maximize overall health. 

Optimum performance technology ensures superior palatability and superior performance. Each formula is specifically designed to help you manage your herd management goals. This unique formula also provides a unique blend of natural ingredients with only flavoring. 

Record Rack Golden Deer Nuggets 

Golden Deer Nuggets offer advanced extrusion technology for superior palatability, digestion, and excellent water resistance. They also provide more protein for growth and antler development. With less starch and sugar, digestion is more manageable, and there are minimal risks of digestive issues. 

High vitamin levels enhance the immune system’s response during periods of stress from the environment and the rut. 

Find Premium Deer Food in Texas 

If you’re located in the greater Texas area and have been looking for premium deer food, Fix & Feed makes it easy for you. With four store locations Commerce, Sulphur Springs, Bonham, and Quinlan, it’s easy to find nutritious, healthy, and good quality deer food. At Fix & Feed, we offer a variety of in-store promotions. Visit us to find out more and to see our pet-care selections.