How Can I Make My Vegetables Grow?


Most housewives dream of a picture-worthy garden, with beautiful flowers and being able to grow green and healthy vegetables for the family to consume. You may be halfway there but need a little extra help. After all, vegetables and plants need special care to grow as beautifully as the ones you’ve been watching on your social media.

How do I manage to do so? The answer may be more simple than you thought: Lawn Fertilizer. Here’s where to start. 

Choose The Right Lawn Fertilizer 

Fertilizers provide vital nutrients to plants that promote both health and growth. When looking for the right choice for your garden, there are a couple of tricks you can learn. 

There are 2 types of lawn fertilizers: 

  • Dry: it can be applied scattered over the desired area, in a row, or to individual plants. It can be applied when preparing a planting area and later on 2 or 3 inches away from the sides of the plant’s stem. It can also be applied 1 to 2 inches below a seed planting level and water the plant after applying it. It’s not recommended to water before. Great for growing vegetables like tomatoes.  
  • Water-Soluble: These are made to rapidly dissolve into water and are usually applied in “foliar feeding,” which means spraying plants. It’s usually handy for garden flowers. 

When buying a lawn fertilizer, you’ll find different concentrations of nutrients; these are specified in each bag with 3 numbers. What do these numbers mean? These numbers refer to the percentage of the following nutrients:

  • Nitrogen: Greens up your plants, help them grow.
  • Phosphorus: this nutrient goes down to the roots and helps produce blooms.
  • Potassium: sums up for all-around plant well-being.

It’s essential to know how and when to apply fertilizers, so take note of the previous advice. 

Why Gardenline’s Premium Lawn Fertilizer?

Gardenline’s Premium Lawn Fertilizer is an all-purpose fertilizer ideal for lawn and vegetable growth if it’s an established lawn or plans to start a new one from scratch. 

Where to find it? At your closest Fix & Feed Store.