How To Raise Baby Chicks

How To Raise Baby Chicks


Cute, fuzzy, lovable, and delicate – baby chicks, who doesn’t love them? When it comes to raising them, they are relatively easy for animals to maintain. However, success hinges on raising them right – by having the right supplies and essentials on hand. 

Following some necessary steps will help your new chicks grow into viable adult birds that can thrive in a communal coop environment. If you’re looking to raise new baby chicks, keep reading to find out what you need to know and what you need to have on hand to ensure you do it the right way. 


An appropriate food is a non-negotiable for the development and growth of baby chicks. Chick crumble starter is around 20-24 percent protein and is essential for an excellent start to life. Whether or not you choose to be organic, soy-free, etc., is up to you. 

What is important is the nutritional content of the feed itself – you cannot reduce the amount of protein or other needed nutrients without compromising your chicks’ health. 


Clean fresh water is essential. Chicks can be very messy, so you may be needed to change the water frequently as they tend to scratch shavings, poop, and food into the waterer. Chicks will not drink water that is icy cold or too warm – the water needs to be just the right temperature. 


Without adequate heat and light, your chicks will not thrive or survive. Why? Because chicks can only control their temperature when they’re feathered, which is at about eleven weeks. Until then, the owner needs to play the mother hen and keep their temperature at the right level. 

A heat lamp is often the choice of most people – it is simple to set up and operate. It will provide a source of comfort as well as warmth. The heat warms the chicks’ bodies as they touch it, and they have a safe place under which to shelter and sleep when needed. 

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