The Best Fuel For Small Engines


When it comes to machinery with smaller engines, you’ll need gas or fuel to keep them working and in good shape. Whether it be a lawnmower or other outdoor power equipment, choosing the right fuel to keep your small engine running is crucial in its overall maintenance and performance. 


Keep reading to learn all there is to know about the maintenance of smaller engines and which fuel is the best option. 

Fuel Should Meet The Following Requirements 

Fuel for your outdoor power machinery or lawnmower should meet the following criteria: 


  • Clean, fresh, and unleaded 
  • Gasoline with up to ten percent ethanol is acceptable. A lesser amount is the better option for smaller engines.
  • Do not use unapproved fuel types or modify your engine to run on different kinds of fuels as this can cause damage. 

TruFuel – The Best Option For Your Small Engine 

This four-cycle small engine fuel contains no ethanol and will stay fresh for over two years after opening and if unopened, five years. This will ensure you are able to use the fuel over the course of the next season. It’s a great option for long-term storage and provides easier start-up, increased trigger function, and smoother idling. 

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