How To Use A Chainsaw: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Use A Chainsaw: A Beginner’s Guide

Chainsaws are one of the most powerful and common tools for the household. It can get homeowners out of seemingly impossible gardening tasks like powering through dead trees and difficult pruning jobs. 

It’s certainly a very convenient tool, but it’s also very dangerous to use. There are many things to take into account when you’re dealing with a chainsaw, but you shouldn’t let this steer you away from using them in your household.

Up next, we’ll go over some of the most important aspects you should know about before operating a chainsaw!

Check Before You Start

When dealing with any power equipment, running a series of visual checks before using it is always very important. When it comes to chainsaws, it’s no different. Before you turn it one, these are the things you should properly check:

  • Check to see if everything is properly screwed, and nothing seems out of place. 
  • Oil the moving parts of the chainsaw.
  • Clean the guide bar groove thoroughly. 
  • The cutting teeth and edges are very sharp.
  • Make sure everything is free from sawdust since this can impair the performance of the chainsaw.

Be Aware of Your Work Area

Before turning the chainsaw on, it’s important to be aware of the space where you’ll be working since sometimes a cluttered area can lead to trips and falls, which can then lead to serious injuries. 

A good rule of thumb is to check your work area for any loose objects you could trip on, then bring out the chainsaw to start working.

Holding the Chainsaw 

When you’re ready to start working, the most important thing is the way you’re holding the chainsaw. We recommend holding the machine close to your body and using both of your hands. At the same time, your feet are planted firmly on the ground and spread apart to add some extra balance. 

Other important tips when operating are the following:

  • Don’t cut above your shoulder height. 
  • Cut just one log at a time.
  • Never, under any circumstance, cut anything that’s not wood!


There are four main things you should be wary of when dealing with a chainsaw to ensure it is working properly:

  • Clean it regularly: mowing through wood is bound to leave some sawdust clogged in your chainsaw’s mechanisms, so it’s important to periodically clean it to avoid malfunctioning.
  • Keep your blades sharp: having a dull chainsaw will not only make you less efficient, but it can also put you in harm’s way! Constantly sharpen your blades to avoid this.
  • Lubricate periodically: lubricating is important since if you don’t do it periodically, there’s a chance the entire machine can overheat.
  • Always use new gas: it’s important to use new outdoor power equipment fuel if you’re not using your chainsaw regularly since it can clog up the carburetor!

What Chainsaw Is Right For Me?

Chainsaws are very practical tools for the homeowner. Still, it’s important to deal with them carefully since they are very powerful and can lead to horrific injuries. If you’re interested in acquiring a chainsaw to help out with your gardening work, Fix & Feed has got you covered!

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