Who needs a ladder?

Do You Know Which Occupations Require A Ladder?


Owning a ladder is not only useful when it comes to putting up the Christmas lights, but it’s part of the most important tools in some professions. 


Most handymen and construction employees work with ladders. Sometimes, they have to spend the whole day climbing up and down ladders to perform their job correctly. If you want to know if your job requires you to have a high-quality and resistant ladder, check out this list of occupations that commonly use one.


You Will Be Using A Ladder If You Work As A…


Agricultural Technician

An agricultural technician works on a farm, primarily caring for cattle and assisting with the crops. This career entails using a variety of equipment to grow crops and manage the animals. For some of the activities you’ll undertake in this field, you’ll most likely require a ladder.


Warehouse Employee

A rolling ladder is used by warehouse team members daily. This can be a little risky, even with the best ladder. Before you accept this job, make sure you’ve been trained in ladder safety or that you already know how to operate this type of ladder.



You’ll almost certainly need a ladder when you do outdoor work with trees and other tall plants. Depending on the task, an A-frame ladder, extension ladder, and perhaps even a tripod ladder might be required.


Construction & Brickmason

Ladders are frequently used in the construction sector for various duties. If you work in construction, you’ll need to understand ladder safety basics. When you work with bricks, you’ll also use a ladder frequently, especially while building a tall surface.



Painting is dangerous, especially when working on the top of buildings or at heights. As a painter, you’ll be climbing up ladders for the higher parts and ceilings. You may need to work at elevations outside or on steps. As a painter, you must understand how to safely utilize various types of ladders.


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