Why Should You Be Using Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Why Should You Be Using Diesel Exhaust Fluid



If you own a diesel truck or other piece of heavy equipment, then you need to know about diesel exhaust fluid. DEF is a critical component of your vehicle’s emissions system, and it’s important to understand how it works and how to properly maintain it. 


This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about diesel exhaust fluid, including why you need it and where to find it.


Reduce NOx & Air Pollution

To meet EPA emission standards, all diesel trucks and heavy equipment manufactured after January 1, 2010, must use DEF. This was done to reduce their production of (NOx) nitrogen oxides.


DEF reduces NOx and air pollution and helps heavy machinery and trucks operate within the federal emissions guidelines.


The Role Of Selective Catalytic Reduction

To better understand how DEF works, you must know about Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). 


SCR is currently the most effective technology for breaking down harmful gases, NOx, and particles released by your vehicle’s or heavy equipment’s diesel exhaust. Despite the fact that SCR systems have been around for decades, in 2010, they became a requirement for all new diesel vehicles.


A single liquid-reductant substance, just like DEF, is required for SCR to operate. Synthetic, vehicle-grade urea and deionized water are combined with DEF and then injected into the exhaust of your truck or big equipment. This can reduce emissions by up to 90% by removing pollutants such as nitrogen and water.


Make Sure Your DEF Isn’t Low

Luckily, all new cars come with gauges and/or lights to notify you when your DEF level is low. If you don’t replace the DEF, an emergency light will go on, and you will feel the engine speed reduced to around five miles per hour.


Having an extra bottle with you comes in handy, so you don’t end up stranded on the side of the road. Diesel exhaust fluid is also nontoxic, which means that you can easily carry it with you and replace it yourself.


Some Tips For DEF Use

Here are some tips for enhancing your DEF use experience:


  • If you want to keep your containers for a long period, keep them in temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. DEF may be stored effectively for up to two years if properly cared for.
  • Don’t worry about extreme heat or cold. Unless it’s exposed to excessive heat for years, DEF will not ice in your car and won’t dissolve in heat.
  • Find a reputable source to purchase. Like any type of fuel, DEF has its own set of standards. Unlicensed dealers will continue to seek ways to get around regulations due to the demand growth.
  • Don’t let yourself be tricked by low market prices. Prioritize and invest in DEF that is both secure and efficient.
  • Carry a gallon with you in your vehicle to avoid becoming stranded.
  • Keep a funnel on hand to assist with filling from a gallon container.


Where To Find DEF


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